Evil Grog Games

Pirates be making their own rules -
we be making our own games!
Five gaming enthusiasts creating games fueled by passion, experience and grog. Drinking responsibly and being evil only in the sense of exploiting every skill to master our games. More than 30 years combined experience in online, mobile and free-2-play gaming.

"There comes a time in most men’s lives where they feel the need to raise the Black Flag."
Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch


World Peace General 2017

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Jackpot RPG

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War Game

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Knight Game

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Mafia Game

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Vampires Game

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About us

Thomas "DevLaTron" Geiger

Chief Evilness Officer. Long time gamer, and creating games is a passion. In an alternate reality: a photographer. Comes up with all kind of crazy ideas on a daily basis. Working in IT close to 20 years, mostly in development and administration.

Christian "SadMonk" Wiedemann

Developer, gamer, nerd.

Grower of beards, wearer of hats and cuddler of plushies.

Built his first games around the age of 12. (Fortunately, his Internet connection was waaaay too slow then to upload them anywhere. So. Yeah. Noone will probably ever see them. Those were pretty embarrassing anyways. You can go away now.) Went on to study computer sciences at a university that cancelled any game development courses as soon as he registered, so he had to learn serious stuff and compensate by minoring in philosophy.

He joined the games industry directly after university and hasn't regretted it ever since with the occasional game jams further fueling his passion. (Those games actually CAN be found in the vastness of the Internet. And they aren't THAT embarrassing anymore. Yay!)

Chris is still hoping to fulfill his dream of becoming a Starfleet captain one day. Until then, making games will surely be the best preparation for the upcoming challenges in space! Also, someone has to keep the office stocked with plushies for the time being.

Martin "MSC" Schreiber

Chief Bar Officer and Developer.
A gamer with a love for classic pc games, who worked on some of the "ancient" web games.

Tim "Santorayo" Rachor

From early school days on I wanted to create my own games. My first plan was to become a game developer as at that time games were mostly produced by two guys in a garage. Later on I discovered a profession called "Game Design". Coming up with crazy ideas and letting other people figure out how to implement that sounded like a dream come true for me. I pursued that path and became a professional Game Designer working on a whole bunch of browser and mobile games in the last 8 years. And even though programming wasn't my first love I've rediscovered it in the last years and created a bunch of games on my own. This experience re-ignited my interest to become independent: one of the reasons why I've co-founded Evil Grog Games.

Harald "The Mathemagician" Herrlich

Developer, gamer, nerd.



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